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Angelika Spangel, co-director &

Matthias Krepp, director


Matthias Krepp
born 1987, is an Austrian filmstudent and director. He studied Comparative Literature and History. In 2012 he was accepted into the directing-class of Michael Haneke at Vienna Film Academy. During his studies he directed several short films in collaboration with Angelika Spangel and Magdalena Gruber. Sand and Blood is his first feature length documentary film.

Angelika Spangel

born 1987, is an Austrian filmstudent of cinematography. She studied Educational Science and received her degree in 2012. 
Since 2013 she studies cinematography in
the class 
of Wolfgang Thaler at Vienna Film Academy. She worked on several shortfilms
with Matthias Krepp and Magdalena Gruber.



2017 Sand und Blut (documentary, 90min, HD)

2015 Ende September (fiction, 30min, 2K) 

2014 Cüneyt, kleiner Krieger (fiction, 9min, 16mm) 

2014 Obdach (documentary, 6min, 16mm) 

2012 Sasha (fiction, 6min, HD) 


2017 Sand und Blut (documentary, 90min, HD)

2016 Baumstämme im Schnee (cinematography, fiction, 21min, 16mm)

2014 Der letzte Abend (cinematography, fiction, 8min, 2K) 

2014 Die Seuche – Das Dorf (director, doc, 5 min, HD) 

2014 Die Seuche – Die Familie (director, fiction, 6min, HD) 

2012 Sasha (cinematography, fiction, 6min, HD) 

Producer: Leni Gruber Production: Filmacademy Vienna Editing: Matthias Krepp, Angelika Spangel

Sound Design: Florian Rabl, Joseph Mittermeier Sound Editing: Benedikt Palier, Ken Rischard

Dubbing Mixer: Alexander Kolller Mixing Studio: The Grand Post Translation: Abu Omar, Yasmin Shami

English Subtitles: Alexey Hartlieb-Shea DCP: Oliver Kunz Title Layout: Daniel Rutz 
Calligraphy: Daniel Reichenbach Graphic Design: Barbara Hoffmann

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